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Love your home and make your dream a reality.

You can forget about what mobile homes were yesterday. Superior Manufactured Homes are a delight to the eye, high quality, and give better value for your pocket book.

We specialize in providing the design and factory services needed to deliver your dream.

We have experience and direct relationships with factories to help provide an “out of the box” result.

We can set up your new factory built home in a park setting or on private land. New manufactured homes offer many exciting interior and exterior options.

    Meet and greet your sales staff who will help you with your questions

    •     Learn about financing,

    •     help identify your Floor plan choices,

    •     answer questions about  different factory quality issues and custom specifications

    •     learn about land considerations, hardscape and accessory buildings for your site plan,

    •     get help to list any challenges to your project

    Create a factory-friendly floor plan and select options.

    •      Engage with your professional design services company:  New Spirit Homes

    •      Discuss various style options for the interior and exterior of your home

    •      Get a sense of costs for various options

    •      Look at project examples that can help you focus on the best choices for your budget

    •      Get help picking a standard floor plan and make minor changes

    •      or have a custom floor plan drawn up to better fit  your dreams and needs.

    ◦    includes professional cad type Floor plan

    ◦    includes elevations

    ◦    includes dollhouse walk thru

    ◦    includes standard electrical plan

    ◦    up to 10 hours of design time included in fee

    •      Review the benefits and drawbacks of diffferent factories that could build your project

    •      After customer approval of floor plan and basic options we can submit to specified factories for review and ball     park pricing.

    •      Review factory results and discuss scheduling needs, prepare for formal factory submittal

    •      Review formal factory plan, correct and determine final colors and options

    Factory process often takes 3 rounds of design/finishing

    •      Review landscaping and any other issues and costs that may need  to be addressed before ordering the home.

    Receive production drawings and finalize order

    • Approve production drawings and options
    • Factory builds  your home usually in 3 weeks
    • Inspection visit to Factory to approve home

    Site prep and former home removal done two weeks earlier

    •      Transport and Construction team sets the home on the lot

    •      Construction team stitches the home together and closes it up for field inspection

    •      Set up and finishing takes a couple of weeks

    •      Contracted Site work is completed and project ends.

    Job inspection and service finishing

    •     We follow up with factory if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

    •     We will provide you with a phone number of our service liaison and help with all issues.

    •     We provide you with access to home insurance and guarantees




    You can choose a standard factory floor plan or create your very own traditional, blended, or modern look.


    Featured Floor Plan